We’re off

Beautiful day to begin our travels, Wellington unusually calm and sunny.  The flight was very smooth with good views of NI. Staying at Formule1 hotel close to the airport.   There is quite a lot of development around this area now, we thought it would be pretty bleak but there is (24 hour) Countdown and five or six places to eat.  We were thinking of going into Auckland, but feeling rather tired after all the excitement getting ready go, so we just mooched about, E and E did some serious shopping at Warehouse, blouse, sneakers,skirt.  Exhausted early to bed after dinner.  Alarm set for 6am, oh joy

Saturday 1st September
Up at cock crow, literally as E’s alarm is rooster, much confusion but waiting in lobby at 6:20.  Finally breakfast at 8, E looking askance and eating apple.  Waiting to board plane for Seoul.  What can be said about air travel; it is the penance we do for living at the end of the world.  Having said that I will definitely recommend Korean Airlines for at least having the most legroom in cattle class I have ever experienced.
We arrive at Incheon airport and discover why most people have their bags checked right through to Paris as we waste heaps of time confirming our overnight stay.  By the time we do that and go through immigration, they are about to cart our bags off as unclaimed, and what?  Blow them up probably.  Nonetheless we do finally get to the hotel, and very ritzy it is too, Hyatt Regency, two lovely big rooms so our accommodation has improved bay about 600 percent.
We were thinking of going into Seoul for a look around, but it seems too arduous as we are all pretty whacked!   Next morning we think we should have tried as the railway station is about 100 metres from the hotel.

Sunday 2nd September
Breakfast is the cruelest meal, so much choice is messing with our heads, still we can have more than one bite of the cherry so toddle off replete to the shuttle bus.  We have had vouchers for meals and haven’t got any won, so hoping to make it out without any extra spending (sorry Korean economy), E weakens once through border control and we get Mojitos, mango and coconut, thanks E.  more flying zzzzzzzz
Arrived in Paris pretty much on time and after a bit of indecision get a taxi to the apartment.   By the time we get settled down and decide to go out, being Sunday, there is not a lot open, so we eventually settle for crepes from a food cart called “le canard sauvage”.  Wild duck.  Not  haute cuisine for sure!   Exhausted now we flop into bed, but sleep is irregular due to disrupted biorhythms and also because the night is very hot.

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