Towards Paris

10th October 2012

Our hosts have suggested some particularly picturesque villages to visit, so we will take three days to reach Paris, rather than the two we originally intended.  We will only go as far as Millau, of the famous viaduct.

Millau is not far along the road to Paris but it is fairly high, we cross a pass at 1012 metres, and intimates cooler weather ahead.  It is a pretty town, nestled in the confluence of the gorges du Gard.  In the evening we can see para gliders flying down from the massifs.  They seem nearly to be strung out along the contrails crisscrossing the sky.  We drive around a bit to find a good view of the viaduct, but ironically the best views are from the road leaving Millau.

11th October 2012
From Millau to Bourges is a very long drive to get closer to Paris.  We pass through some very beautiful countryside on the great plateau of the Massif Central, including the “puys” or extinct volcanoes near Clermont Ferrand, but we’re glad to find a motel within easy driving of Paris where we drop off the car tomorrow.   Having the car has been a mixed blessing, there were many things we could not have done without it, but it has been very stressful driving in the narrow streets of old towns.

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