Going Home

I’m posting this from Seoul airport. Free wifi. Great. We have had a long flight from Paris and then two hours to kill here.

18th October 2012

Our trip is rapidly coming to a conclusion and there is still so  much undone and to do.  I must return to Paris before too long.

Today we spent quite a lot of time searching, for the Musee Picasso, only to find, when found, that it is closed for renovations until 2013.  Unfortunately we can’t wait that long.  Eva has finally found the green jacket, she saw a week ago, but it was too small, it was the last one in the last store we were going to visit.  So,all is not lost.  Foolishly I have left all the maps and stuff, but one, back at the apartment, so though we have a rough idea where we are it is hard to find specific places.

After wandering about for a while we decide to go to the exhibition at the Hotel de Ville, commemorating the Jewish children of Paris, who were deported during the war.  It was very moving due to the description of individual histories, rather than statistics.  Also it depicts resistance, evasion and assistance, not simply horror.  We spent more time than we thought, and it was time to go home when we emerged, because we were planning a trip to the Pompidou centre, which is open in the evening, on Thursdays.

Going in the evening has proved to be a bit of a disaster, as I am so tired the all the wonderful paintings seem to merge into one. Derain and Matisse and Picasso and Braque all jumbled up in my head.  It’s actually a relief when closing time is called.   Perhaps I am getting too old for this.

19th October 2012

Today we have to think about packing up and sorting out what needs to come home and what needs to be dumped.  It looks like we will be pushing the weight limit as we have a couple of bottles of wine to bring home.   Our 5 day metro, bus passes finish today, so we make the most of them to visit the Paris Modern Art museum.  This is the city of Paris museum as opposed to the national collection.   There is a good collection of Robert Delauney, including aerial view of Eiffel tower, and a huge piece at least six metre square, designed for an exhibition.  There are also some Matisse, Modigliani, van Dongen and Derain, in particular one of my favourites, La Rivière, so I’m very glad not to have missed out on this gallery.  In a separate room are two versions of Matisse’s Dance, one unfinished, which were designed for an architectural space.  They are very impressive, with grey figures on a rose, blue and black background.

20th October 2012

Last day in Paris.  The weather is threatening, but not yet raining so we walk in Buttes Chaumont park, which is not far from where we are staying.  It is one of the few parts of Paris that are hilly, and was at one time a quarry.  It was designated a park by Napoleons III, who was responsible for much of the look of Paris today.  There are many walks and a large ornamental lake and the precipitous cliff, the result of quarrying, topped by a folly.

We are supposed to be taken to Gare du Nord, when we hand over the key to the apartment, but instead we are very kindly taken all the way to Charles de Gaulle.  There we have one last  kerfuffle as we redistribute weight and chuck some old and mostly worn out shoes, to achieve just less than 23 kg each.

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