Rising from the (almost) Dead

Well, the paint must be well and truly dry by now!

I started this blog mainly to record our last travels and I was never sure if it would continue. Now that we are about to embark on another European trip it’s time to revive it.

I haven’t done too much painting this year for a variety of reasons, but I can show you some of my older paintings


Sunset on Wellington south coast, Stormy Day

Rock Form, Wellington South Coast
A lot of my paintings were based on the natural abstract patterns of the rocks along Wellington’s southern coast.

Here’s another, though a wider view and more naturalistic. The mainly sedimentary rocks are intensely folded and tilted at the boundary of the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates. The boundary runs right through Wellington.

Rock Pool, Wellington, South Coast

I’ll try to add some more recent paintings before we leave.

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