After a quick flight to Auckland, and almost as long wait for the motel shuttle (lucky it wasn’t raining) then an horrifically early wake up call, we are on our way.  There are swarms of Japanese schoolgirls milling around so we must be at the right gate.  Later we learn that it’s the end of summer break, so they are heading back to school.

I hear Air New Zealand has made a record profit for the year, and it’s not surprising since they have stopped feeding the cattle class.  We only had a small breakfast and one meal for 11 hour flight.  There were some mutinous murmurings I can tell you.

We are staying in a hotel in Shinjuku, rather small but comfortable. After an hour flopping out we are covered enough to go out for dinner with Joel, our son.  We have a delicious kind of Japanese tapas, many small dishes with varieties of fish, pickled vegetables and salad and unique drinks, pomegranate vinegar and soda anyone.  Actually delicious.

Been up far too long, off to bed.

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