KoenJi Festival

We leave Tokyo today for Frankfurt and I’m already behind in posting!

On Sunday Joel took us to see his apartment, in Koenji, where there is a summer festival taking place over two days.  This is the second day.  Though originating on th island of Shikoku, this festival has become very popular in Tokyo. Proof is the number of participants and spectators.  The main parade starts at six o’clock but we saw many small groups practising as we walked around.


We watched the festival far about two hours and there were still two hours to go. There are three main elements, women and girls who do a crouching posture dance, women who, as in the picture wear elaborate kimono and semi circular hats, then a more athletic posture dance by men and (there are four main elements) a band of drums, gongs, flutes and a kind of guitar.  All led by a man carrying a huge lantern

I am sure the most enjoyment is had by the participants and their neighbours, but I have to say that though it was a great spectacle, it was a bit repetitive.  I have some video I’ll try to post later.

Must go now. Sayonara.

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