Joel is going to pick us up around 12:30, so we are going to explore a bit around our hotel, being careful to retrace our steps if we stray from the main road.  Shinjuku is the area of Tokyo known for exotic nightlife and alternate lifestyles, but just off the Main Street, it is actually very quiet.  We came upon this temple down a narrow side street

.image This temple Dozo Jizo Bosatsu Zazo, was designated a National Memorial in 1921 to commemorate 31 ancient sites in the Edo area.  In the grounds is an historic Buddha.


Next, towards the main centre of Shijuku (shopping) and found our landmark, a large building with OIOI in large red letters.  This can be seen from miles away, so could be very useful.

We had a nose into one of the more upmarket stores.  Quite amazing, 31 flavours of toothpaste!  But it was time to return.

It rained.


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