Moving on

We are at Haneda airport, with three hours to kill, so it’s a good opportunity to catch up even if I can’t post it until we get to Frankfurt. But first a little something to eat.

Ahhh, that’s better. Yaki soba, fried noodles with squid, pork and bacon and cabbage for me, Okonomi yaki for Eva. Okonomi yaki is a Kyoto specialty and it means “fry whatever you like”, it is a mixture of shredded vegetables, mainly cabbage, other ingredients, (in this case, cheese) in a batter.

On Monday Joel met us for lunch and showed us to restaurant called “Sardine” which has a Michelin star. (First time ever) They also do ¥800 lunches (about $10) all involving sardines. Two examples below.


I can’t really compare as I’ve never been to a Michelin star restaurant before, but it was very good, with the best miso soup I’ve tasted, pickled vegetables and green tea. Later we crossed town to the Mori art gallery, who’s on the 52nd floor of a tower. The exhibition was by Dinh Q Le, a Vietnamese American artist who has returned to Vietnam to work and assist other artists. He works with documentary films and also photo-weaving, which will interest you Shelagh, if you’re reading, two or more large photo prints, cut into strips and woven together into a composite image.

As we are leaving I should comment on some of the many contradictions of Japan.  You are not supposed to smoke on the street, but our hotel cor rider reeked of smoke, and the government does almost nothing to discourage smoking.  There are even special booths fo smokers.


On the main street to the hotel there is one of the poshest store in Tokyo, Isteban which has a huge basement of deli products of every kind and most sophisticated window displays, link this “stretch horse”


Literally two minutes walk up the road is Thi little hole in the wall shop selling fanbelts and other mother accessories.


I could go on, and probably will later, but our plane is boarding.  Isn’t it funny how when the call to board is made everyone stands up and forms a huge queue, as if that woul get the aircraft away more quickly.

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