We’re staying two nights in Frankfurt just to recover from jet lag but also to do some sightseeing. I have two items on the agenda, the old city centre (I should say rebuilt old city centre, as I believe only one building survived the war) and the Staedel museum.

First though, I need to get a German SIM card so we can use google maps and call people if needed. After that, we walk down to the river Main, where a footbridge leads over to the Staedel. I’m not going to say anything about it now except that it keeps us riveted until lunchtime. I’ll do a separate post later.

The Romer square is very attractive with many activities going on. This flautist was pretty well


Despite competition from a group of cute dressed up children.


It’s the next day now, and we are leaving for Berlin, but our train doesn’t leave til about 1pm, so we are going to have a last walk around to the Old Opera and perhaps a little window shopping.

Near the opera I spyed these ladies reclining in a pool.


Indeed, there are many contrasts in Frankfurt within a small area.  Going three blocks, we move from a street of restaurants, to red light area, to financial district (some might say the last two are not so different) all human needs jostled together.


Now we have a train to catch.

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