We had been a bit apprehensive about train travel, I can’t remember when I last travelled by train in New Zealand, but it couldn’t have been easier.  It is a bit of an effort to wrestle our bags on board, but after that – sit down, relax, read a book, have a coffee or just watch the scenery glide by.  We have a compartment to ourselves at this stage, so we are having an impromptu picnic with the food we brought when the guard comes along.  I thought we might be scolded, but instead she shows us how to open the armrest tables, which makes it a lot more comfortable.

I have to admit that blogging is not so easy on the iPad, so I might have to dispense with so many photos, which take a bit of planning to incorporate.  If they are already on the iPad it’s not so hard but if they are on the phone I have to email them to myself, save them, upload them and then insert them. In that order.

We are heading North East, to Hanover, where we change.  At first the country is flat of rolling, with as many as five small towns or villages visible at once and also patches of woodland.  As we progress it becomes slightly more hilly and wooded and there are a series of tunnels bridges and glimpses of gorge until we roll down into the North German plain.

After an hour in Hanover we are off to Berlin.  Before long we are in the old DDR. The land is flat and very open with huge fields.  We are joined by a lady who speaks excellent English and has lived in Chile and we are soon having a grand conversation – well Eva is having most of it. The time passes quickly then we are in Berlin.

One thought on “Training

  1. I’m glad the train travel has worked out so well Glynn. We love it- although in England lugging suitcases up stairs to get to a platform wasn’t much fun.

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