Sunday 6 September

This is our third day in Berlin, so I’d better catch up quickly.

On Friday we went on a four hour walking tour, starting in Hackescher Markt, in old East Germany. Our tour guide, like many others, was an American student, doing his PhD in German history.

Beside the river Spree (spray) a quick history lesson on Berlin from foundation, possibly around 1000, on the sandy island, now known as Museum island. The name is connected with the word for “bear”, which is the symbol of Berlin, and also swamp. The Hohenzollern’s, as the Margrave of Brandenburg, arrived in 1415, and stayed until 1918, by which time their titles were as inflated as their abilities deflated


Old National Gallery, Museum island.

The tour goes through the historic centre of the city, now being renovated to the tune of 12 billion euro, to the Brandenburg gate and ends with more recent events at the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Wall and Topography of Terror exhibit

Berlin Wall and Topography of Terror exhibit

Beneath the wall remnant are the excavated foundations of the Gestapo headquarters, truely atrocity is piled on atrocity here.

It’s getting late and I’m clearly not going t finish this tonight, so I’ll just post this and continue next time.

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