Berlin Continued


In the photo above, the building visible behind the wall was the Air Ministry and as it, quite remarkably was only struck by two bombs in the war, it became a government centre for tthe East German state.  It was the site for one of the more spectacular escapes, when a man and his family hid themselves overnight, after careful planning and threw a steel cable to a cousin on the west side creating an impromptu flying fox.

Next to this exhibit is a place wher you can do tours in the famous, or infamous Trabant


Self explanatory photo

the pinnacle of luxury and chic – a stretch Trabbi!


The weather has been incredibly changeable, even more so than Wellington, with sun, wind and rain coming and going several times a day.  We have had good weather luck though, as exemplified by the finale of our walking tour. We spotted the bus we needed to catch, just as a few drops began to fall, jumping on board we realised it was going into town, then the skies opened.  However, by the time we reached the end of the line, it had stopped again. This happened again subsequently, but I mustn’t get ahead of myself.

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