Market Day

It’s Saturday, and we want to find a market, for the experience and also get some fresh food.  From our AirBNB host, we learn there is a market only 10 minutes walk away. Though it has really just begun it is still pretty bustling, with the usual kinds of market wares, clothes, pendants, bags and trinkets as well as the food, fruit and vegetables as well as prepared foods, mostly Turkish.  We get some things, for future lunches and breakfasts mainly, and head back.


Turkish market

I’m starting to get the hang of inserting photos. First I have to get them into the iPad.  SInce I’m taking a lot with my phone, I email them to my self, then upload them to WordPress media library. Complicated but works well enough if done in the right sequence.  Interestingly, I have not been using my regular camera very much on this trip, and I certainly won’t be able to post any photos from it!

There is apparently another market in the Tiergarten, one of the famous Berlin parks (originally outside the city walls and, like many European parks, a royal hunting reserve) it runs on either side of the avenue leading from the Brandeburg gate.  Inside we find a memorial to Sinti and Roma (gypsys) killed by the Nazis. Berlin is full of memorials of every kind. Perhaps the memory of the persecuted is more prominent than the minorities were in reality.

On the edge of the park is Platz der Republik, and the Reichstag (which is the name of the building, not the parliament) and once again the seat of the Bundestag, which is the parliament.


We had tried to book a visit to the dome on line, but the earliest slot was the day after we leave Berlin, but as we are looking around we’re told that Sunday is an “open day” and “just turn up”, so we determine to get back here early tomorrow.

A little further up the park is the Soviet War Memorial, and the graves of more than 2500 Soviet soldiers killed in the battle for Berlin, though of course only a few of the total.


We didn’t find the market though.

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