Sunday.  It’s raining.  But we are not deterred.  Swathed in parkas and umbrelła we set out early for the Bundestag open day. The rain is not too bad and at least it falls down not sideway as in Wellington.  There is a queue, when we arrive but not too long, and as it grows rapidly we were wise to come early.

We have the rare opportunity to stand on the floor of the chamber, well one small part of it at least.


The day is really a chance to meet and mingle with the representatives.  Each of the four parties have stands on the upper floor.  Eva getting a little carry bag from Die Linke (reformed Communists) and some magnets from SPD (Labour)


The main reason to visit though, is the new glass and steel dome on the roof.  It is indeed spectacular, the double spiral walkway offering great views of the city (on fine day anyway) and the central mirror cone reflects light down into the chamber, reducing the need for artificial lighting.


View inside the dome


The mirrors are good for multiple “selfies”

Berlin is great on memorials.  It is sometimes hard to remember that, anything that looks old is actually reconstructed, and they try hard to preserve the past.  Within the building are preserved graffiti of the Soviet occupiers.  I couldn’t imagine that happening elsewhere.


By the time we have finished the tour, the weather is improving, but still threatening, as we walk down towards the, reconstructed of course, old centre.  Rain starts heavily again, just as we get to the front of the old St Nicholas kirche, so we dash in to examine some rather splendid tombstones. One especially, depicts Adam and Eve and the Serpent in high relief and above in the clouds, God, who appears to be getting a blow job from an angel – I kid you not.  Anyway, the rain has stopped when we leave and the rest of the day is fine.

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