We have purchased three day Museum passes, so this post, and the next, will be all about Museums and Galleries.  There are so many to choose from we will still only see a fraction.

Tuesday we turn up to the “Old National Gallery” for ImEx, an exhibition of Impressionist and Expressionists. This exhibition has been open since 22 May and is closing shortly, but there is still a two hour queue, so we decide to get going earlier tomorrow and head for the “New Museum” instead.

This museum houses prehistoric and classical antiquities from many regions, but its main collection is Egyptian and Nubian.  The statuary and reconstructed tombs are very beautiful.


Busts of Akenaten and Nefertiti

As are the collection of papyri.  However, the main attraction must be the famous funery bust of Nefertiti (The Beautiful One Comes).  They don’t allow photography in This room, so here is an image from Wikipedia.


We also visit the “Altes Museum” old museum, (I’m continually confused by the olds and the news) which has Greek sculpture and artefacts on the lower floor, which is all we can manage for the remains of the day, and Etruscan and Roman on the upper floor, which we will reserve for another day.

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