Prague is probably the most beautiful capital in Europe, possibly too beautiful for its own good.  The old city, at least, is swarming with tourists, and of course we are a part of that swarm, though not in a tour group.  We are staying with a Servas host, who is a tourist guide, and she perfectly reflects the contradictions of tourism.  She makes her living by tourism, yet as she says, it has made Prague like Venice, an open air museum.  This is not quite true though, as Prague is still a functioning capital and there are new areas that tourists in general never see.

Even so, we are stunned by the beauty of even quite ordinary buildings, whose decorations speak of an era, and a mindset quite different from today’s.


You can see for yourself. Prague old square

I can surmise that wealthy people then displayed their position by building, while today they might use it to buy privacy.

We are staying two days in Prague, then taking a car, to visit Southern Bohemia.  Then back to Prague for another two nights. So there will be another post on Prague later.

We have had two days in Prague and have been doing the usual tourist things, not visiting the castle though, but we did go up the hill to the Srahov monastery.  It has a famous library, which we missed, because the ticket office was closed for lunch.  Below is a pic, which I believe is public domain.


Strahov library Prague

We’ll try to visit on our return.  Of course there is a view of the castle, and a great panorama of th city, including this little vineyard, reminiscent of the one in Montmatre.


View of Prague castle and river

Walking down the hill, I spotted this widow display for Le fee vert, didn’t dare try any though.


Absinthe makes the heart grow somber

a slightly more healthy option.


Salami NOT an option!

Next, Bohemia Sud.

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