Holiday from a Holiday?

Today is raining, though not madly, so we have decided to take a lazy day.  Instead of Cesky Krumlov, which we were intending, we’ll go to Cesky Budejovice, famous for beer, but also a very old foundation, around 750 CE.  The town has had mixed fortunes, as a early centre of industrialisation it has a large rail yard and some modern buildings, but has been bequeathed a very grand square.


Town Hall, Cesky Budejovice

We don’t do very much, except walk around and have lunch, very much like the last meal but with venison, very nice.

one of the best things was this sculpture, or group of sculptures, depicting very sour faced grey business people striding along.


Eva is adding some smiling colour to show the happiness of retirement.

Back to our motel for a very restful day.  One charming feature of the Czech countryside is the number of apple trees planted along the roadside, though I suspect the majority of the fruit goes uneaten.  However, we have seem many people foraging in fields, for mushrooms presumably, and also in the forests.

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