In Vienna we are staying AirBNB, a large room in an apartment with a lovely young couple. The first day is basically orientation. Walking into the centre mid morning we pass through the Naschmarkt, one kilometre of market stalls, open everyday, which has an overwhelming array of clothes, spices, pastries, coffee, fruit and vegetables.

At first we are a bit daunted by the Imperial scale of Viennese buildings, the State Opera for example.


State Opera, Vienna


The Hofburg courtyard,


 but after getting used to that they are also very elegant. Most of the buildings have a host of detail and sculptural relief.


A corner of the Hofburg gate

There are four of these, each representing different virtues.  In the square immediately in front, there is a open archeological site with remains from Roman and Medieval periods.

St Stephens cathedral, though I don’t usually care much fir churches, was I must admit quite impressive.  Gothic Romanesque in style, it mostly dates from the fourteenth century.


Stephandom (St Stephens)


The interior is even more elaborate

Continuing past the Natural History Museum, which flanks a park and a very grandiose statue memorialising Empress Maria Therese,


Naturhistorisches Museum

we reach Museum Quarter, a complex of about 60 art spaces, we intended to visit the Leopold, which has Klimt and Schiele, but it was closing early for a private function, so we decide to leave it for another day.

Now I am almost caught up with our actual travels and it’s time for bed.

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