The major collection of Klimt is in the Belvedere palace, built for Prince Eugene of Savoy between 1712 and 1718, it may be a little old but it would make a great weekender.


Belvedere palace

At present it is being used for art shows and such like.  The current tenants are a bit sniffy about photography, this post will be light on pics.  They do have a full size poster of “The Kiss” in the foyer


Kiss poster

but it doesn’t do anything like justice to the vibrant gold or the colours of the rosettes on the woman’s dress or the flowery field on which they stand or kneel.  There are the famous portraits of Sonja Knipps, 1898, and Frita Riedler, 1906, in which the decorative elements begin to appear, also “Adam and Eva”, “Judith” and several others which were unfinished at his death in 1918 (stroke not flu)

There are also many 19th century, realist and romantic paintings, a David of Napoleons on horseback stands out, and also Impressionists and Expressionists, Clovis Corinth, Kirchner, Kokoschka.

After poking around for a bit, we decided that the Belvedere might be a bit small for our needs, so we had a look at another Viennese property.


Schloss Schonbrun

We didn’t even have go in to know it is roomy enough to accomodate our friends.  The swimming pool is more ornate.


Neptune pool

No Sphinxes!!!


Do come and visit.

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