Back to Earth

Oh well, perhaps we won’t buy the Schonbrun after all.

Today is our last full day in Vienna, so I might not get to post until we’re settled in Budapest.  Stayed up late last night, talking to our hosts and writing, so I’m a bit tired today.  One final museum to go, the Albertina.  They currently have four exhibitions, Munch, Monet to Piccasso, Feininger & Kubin and Drawing Now,2015.

The Munch is a large collection of prints, lithograph, woodblock and mixed media.  Munch was one of the first to revive “art printing” in early twentieth century.  He kept his blocks, and made frequent reprints often modifying the subject slightly.  It is quite fascinating to see a series of prints and to compare them side by side.

image image

Munch, Girls on a Bridge, two versions

Munch was depressed for most of his life, his mother and sister died when he was young, his sister of tuberculosis, and he also had a brush with that disease.  Though Munch had affairs, he formed no long term relationship, and as a result, perhaps, his view a women was pretty jaundiced or at least ambivalent.


Munch, Madonna, or witch?


Vampire, or tender kiss?

He did depict jealousy extremely well, perhaps from experience.


Munch, Jealousy

 Never the less he did live until he was 80.

the Monet to Picasso was also excellent featuring two of my all time favourites, Oscar Kokoschka


Kokoschka, London Bridge

and Max Beckmann.


Beckmann, Woman with Cat

As well some Jawlensky, Vlamink, Chagall and of course Piccasso, who ends the exhibition, thematically if not chronologically.


Piccasso, Mediterranean Scene

I have. To admit I’m getting tired, after a late night last night, so we quickly visit the last two exhibits, Feininger and Kubin, illustrators and friends they wanted to be “artists”, and achieved a certain fame in a cubist and naive style.

Drawing today is actually very good, though I’m really too tired to appreciate it.  There is one artist doing “extended drawing” by using thin wire to bring the drawing out into three dimensions.  In some parts it can be quite hard to tell what has been drawn on the wall and what is standing out.  I did take some pics but with my ‘steam’ camera, so I might post about them after we get home.

After the Albertina, we sat on bench in the sun and I had a quick doze.  We have been extraordinarily lucky with the weather, only two really rainy days so far in the whole trip.  Feeling somewhat refreshed we walk down to the Danube canal, which is really a part of the old course of the Danube.  It still contains quite a volume of water, with quite large boats cruising up and down.


Danube canal

There is also Vienna’s “beach” where people stretch out and enjoy the sun, and a beer.


Along the canal and on the flood walls are many street artists, sculptors and paintings, to rival Berlins Eastside gallery, though the works are not so political.


Public Art

Speaking of politics, there is an election coming in Austria, though I’m not sure wether it’s city or national.  One of the parties is Neos, again I’m not exactly sure of their politics, self described as “liberal and democratic”, (don’t they all) but I love their poster.


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