Leaving Vienna

Our train leaves at 2:03, so we actually have another half day to visit the Nashtmakt and buy some poppyseed cake, now that we know what it is called – (Mohnstrudel). This is an everyday market but especially crowded on the weekend.



Oh dear, this doesn’t look very crowded, but I chose a break in the traffic to show the stalls.


Exotic fruit, the pink ones are dragon fruit.

As well as the multitudinous spices, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, cafes and eating stalls there is also an extensive flea market with everything from grandfather clocks to old socks.


Antique Phonograph, amongst other things

We purchase some Mohnstrudel, which we now see everywhere, and have a Pita sandwich before we go back to collect our bags and say goodbye (or auf weidersehen) to our fabulous hosts, Fabio and Christina.

Yesterday we practised going to the station, because, as everyone knows, once you miss a train you have to become a refugee, and it took us 45 minutes from our flat to get hopelessly lost and confused. Today, though we didn’t do anything radically different, we got on the S bahn, above ground local train, got off and walked across the platform. With an hour to spare! Still that left plenty of time for a coffee and to scarf the Mohnstrudel we got at the market.

The train duely arrives and we are off to Budapest.

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