Buda or Pest?

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Budapest is comprised of two cities, Buda And Pest. The question arises, “where are we, Buda or Pest”, which can be solved in several ways. Buda is the oldest part, dating back to the Roman Empire, whose frontier was the Danube, so if you know which way is East and which West, you can imagine your self as a Roman legionary, gazing at the emptiness across the Danube. Buda has the royal castle, Pest has the parliament. Also Buda is hilly and Pest is flat, so you can easily decide which is which.

Our AirBNB room is on the Buda side of the river, and it has a roof top deck.


It is also less than 10 minutes walk from the Gellert hotel and baths.


It’s Sunday, so quite a lot of attractions are closed, but we intend anyway to walk over the Gellert hill and then explore a little on the Pest side.


The hill is not too high (130 metres) but has some interesting bluffs and a waterfall and grotto


and there are fantastic panorama from various lookouts.


On the way up we saw a little brown snake, maybe 75cm long, but by the time I got my camera out he (or she) had slithered off into the rather dense undergrowth. At the summit there is a citadel, some statues relating to freedom and independence, including a statue of liberty, a woman holding aloft a palm branch.

Crossing over the river into Pest, we are walking through the main centre past the cathedral (St Stephens)


and the grand synagogue.


Our trip is winding down, only two weeks left, and we have decided not to try to cram too much in, so return to our room in leisurely fashion for a well earned rest.

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