I couldn’t think of a snappy title for this post, so that will have to do.

A tram ride into town brings us to Deak square where there is a giant Ferris wheel that would provide a view of the city, but probably not as good as we had from Gellert hill.  Across the oldest Budapest bridge, Szechenyi, known as the “Chain bridge”, though I’m not sure why, unless just because it is a suspension bridge, you can catch a cable car up to the Royal castle.


Except today it is closed for maintenance, of course.  Still we need to get back in practice for Wellington, so we walk up to the top.  The Sandor palace is next to the castle, now museum, and houses the Office of the President.  There are soldiers changing guard, quite impressive, though photos don’t do justice.  If I’d been thinking I would have taken a video.  Oh well.

Behind the Sandor is the old town of Buda, St Matthias church and Fisherman’s bastion, which used to be a Medieval fish market, and provides some grand views.


View from Fisherman’s bastion


St Matthias, note the colourful roof tiling


A quiet corner of the old town

 Next we walk back down the hill, nearly thinking we were caught in a no exit courtyard.  However, along with several others we find a way out and continue along the river to the Szabadsag bridge,


Which is closest to our room.  From there we cross over to visit the market, hopefully for lunch.

The market is huge and is teeming with people on four levels, the ground level is almost entirely produce, either raw or processed so we head up to the next level, clothing leather goods and yes, prepared food.  But, oh boy, is it crowded, with long queues at every stall.  Since I noticed one stall downstairs selling pastries we struggle down again to get a kind of cheese strudel and also some absolutely delicious cherry and plum strudel and some poppyseed strudel for later on.  Only when we’ve finished our purchases do I notice there are also descriptions in English.


Inside the main hall of the market

Hunger satiated, there is time go a more leisurely look around.  There is certainly a large variety, but also many repetitions of the same items.  I’m looking for hat to replace my rather disreputable terry towel sun hat, but which isn’t a baseball cap which I abhor.  Eva has spied a collection of leather bags so we might be getting one of those, but she is developing a cold so we postpone that decision and head back home.

Dinner at the local is chicken schnitzel, with a spinach and cheese topping and rice.



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