Bad day at the Office

I’m afraid there may not be many more photos posted, as my phone was stolen today.  That’s not a great tragedy, but a most of my photos have gone with it.  That and spending a couple of hours in the police station making a statement through an interpreter.

The day started very nicely, strolling up to the Opera, we booked tickets for tomorrow, then a brunch of delicious appearing (and tasting) sandwiches.  Then, and take note of this children, I was bumped and my phone was gone, just like that.  Keep anything you value out of sight, even if you miss a candid photo getting it out, it’s better than loosing it all.

Well, luckily, Eva has been taking photos as well, though her phone camera has been playing up, not focussing properly, about 50 percent of the time.  I hope she will email me some photos to post next time.

I’m a bit depressed after all this, so I’ll sign off now.  Budapest is a beautiful city despite this, so I’ll recover overnight and not let it spoil the rainier of our trip.

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