Business as Usual?

One small positive of having my phone stolen was that we returned to the market for consolatory strudel.


Strudel stand, the servers recognise us!


Market exterior

and some more photos of things we can revisit.  A near dusk walk along the Danube.


We also walked around the magnificent gothic revival parliament.  Unfortunately, according to many, it does not inspire the politicians to behave any better.


Hungarian Parliament


Not a Cathedral

We also saw the Danube shoe memorial, to several hundred people shot at this place in 1944, by the Arrow Cross (Hungarian version of Nazis)  Their shoes were retreived, not sure how, and cast in bronze.  Some people have left “real” shoes here.   As with many holocaust reactions, I can’t make up my mind if this is sensitive sympathy or intrusive grandstanding.


Of course the inevitable has happened, I’ve picked up Eva’s cold, but it doesn’t seem to be a bad dose so far.  Fingers crossed.

Correction: The shoes in the Danube shoes memorial were not retrieved from victims but modelled on shoes of the period.

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