Yesterday we visited the Dohany street synagogue, and museum.  At first I was thoroughly disappointed, because though it is the second biggest in Europe, the inside decoration was not as magnificent as the Spanish synagogue in Prague, and the paper kippa they hand out kept falling off.  The exterior is definitely moorish influenced. Also I thought that the synagogue, with no explanatory history, was all there was.


The Bimah, splendid enough

i was mollified though by the attached museum, with an excellent photo exhibition of events, since the war, and a sequence of historical photographs.  The garden of remembrance has a metal weeping willow with names inscribed on the leaves,


and the grave of Raoul Wallenberg, a great rampart of stones surrounding.

I did post a photo of the synagogue before, but in the altogether softer light accompanying misty rain I’ve got a much better shot.


After the synagogue, we spend a couple of hours walking about the town, and go for some traditional Hungarian food.  Mushroom and cream soup, with a kind of pancake stuffed with goulash for Eva and typical Hungarian goulash for me.

At 7pm we are going to the Hungarian State Opera, which is performing Cosi  Fan Tutte.  The Opera is a magnificent Roccoco building


Opera by day, we wanted to go to Otello, booked out!

and there were plenty of people taking pictures before the performance.




Grand Staircase

Cosi itself is a grand piece of froth, and though it might be slated as anti woman today, it is really anti-foolishness.  Performed as comic opera, it aims as many jabs at the unreal macho posturing of the male leads.  It was superbly performed, the main characters sang beautifully and the supporting roles were also terrific.

Our holiday is rapidly winding down, only two mores days before we start the return, and this was both a fitting climax and relaxing amusement.

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