Travel Tribulations

You’d think that an airport called Frankfurt would be pretty close to Frankfurt, wouldn’t you. Wouldn’t you? Well you’d be dead wrong. Our flight from Budapest to Frankfurt turned out to be to Frankfurt (Hahn), wherever that may be, about two hours bus ride from Frankfurt airport anyway, the real Frankfurt.

The first intimation should have been the cost, 15 euro each, for what – we imagined a 15 minute max journey. As we travelled further into open countryside it soon became obvious that we were going some distance. But how far? It soon became obvious that we were going to miss our train connection from the airport to Strasbourg as signs for “Frankfurt, 68 kilometres” appeared. In a few minutes the situation went from dire to hilarious. What to do? Would we have to stay overnight? When we reached the airport we decided that we should carry on to Frankfurt main station (the fare was the same) and sort it out there.

Lucky we did because it turned out we had bought an open ticket, so we can travel on any train today. Being accustomed to the paucity of passenger train in New Zealand we could hardly believe that there would be another train to Strasbourg not the same day. The next train with connection to Strasbourg was leaving in half an hour, and actually is scheduled to arrive earlier than our original booking.

It’s now 6:08 and I’m writing this on the train, which is packed. Not Enough seats for everyone, and some are reserved for sections of the trip. Each station results in a kind of desperate musical chairs, as some get off and others swarm on.

We managed to get a little seat time before we change at Offenberg. There is only 7 minutes to make the connection, so we run down the platform, down the stairs, and up to the next platform. We are onboard for Strasbourg with a couple of minutes to spare, and fortunately there are plenty of seats. We do arrive 30 minutes before our original schedule, most of which we need because the station is quite large and we have to find the main hall, to meet our friend Colette.

I’m finishing this at Colette’s place in Waselonne, but we can’t get me connected to the wifi, hence the delay in posting.

Two days later. We have found free wifi in IKEA. Yay

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