Well, we are home, in one piece, no! two pieces.  I promise this will not degenerate into a “Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition” gag.

It’s funny about jetlag, one moment you feel fine the next you have fallen asleep.  Actually I’m not doing too bad, one wierd symptom is that I feel constantly hungry, even when I’ve just eaten, though it might also have to do with the fact I’ve lost about two kilos during the trip.

The theme of our flights: Nessun Dorma.

We had a pretty ghastly trip home.  On the first leg to shanghai we were in the very last row of the plane, next to the toilets, which were well patronised, the whooshing noise was enough to keep us awake.  The second leg was even worse, seated behind a family with a toddler, who was very evidently awake all the way.  I’ve heard of “Little Emperor” syndrome but hadn’t experienced it until now.  The parents were evidently clueless how to manage a toddler, pandering to his every whim.  They let him watch all the video he could manage, hyped him up with video games, then arbitrarily turned it off.  His affronted screams were even louder than his full throated yelps of delight had been before.  This went on for eleven hours and as I predicted only ceased when we were about to land.

Enough of the horror stories.  We have actually been flat out with catchup things, 2530 emails, other mail unpacking, finding things the house-sitters put in places you’d never believe.  Fun.

In a day or so I’ll post a summary of the final days of the trip and consider the future of the blog.   Thank you for all views and visits (record for one day 44), though I’m not sure what the difference is, I hope some of you will keep visiting as I move onto other things.


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